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β€œThe more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”
― Rachel Carson

In her maiden solo, artist Sushma Jain presents a suite of works that draws inspiration from the primal beauty of animals in the wild, and verdant and pristine landscapes that appear to be untouched by human interventions. As a subtext, there is an exploration of the correlation between man and nature, animals and natural resources, and the images subtly accentuate the primordial chord between all forms of life and their interdependence.

A majority of the paintings are based on photographs taken by Jain on her travels to national parks and forests across the world. Combining her passion for animals and photography, Jain has traversed continents in search of the perfect shot of animals in the wild – in their native environment, unfettered from urban noise. Encapsulating moments of tenderness, of free spirit and grace, of compassionate bonds between members of a herd, and mother and offspring, the visuals offer rare glimpses of nature and its creatures in their natural habitat. These are transformed into portraitures retaining photographic details and composition.

The life-like portraits of animals with their glistening skin, evocative and mesmerizing gaze and every strand of hair visible to the naked eye are hyper-realistic in their rendering. The eyes, emotive and alive hold the viewer captive within their embrace. The blurred, defocused backdrop, strong bold lines with vivid colors in the foreground creates compelling imagery. Extensive detailing with regards to anatomical features characterize majority of the works. The memory of the original encounter is etched in every detail creating immaculate engravings of chronicles.

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